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  1. Silk-weaving ant study sees new behavior
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Silk-weaving ant study sees new behavior

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Thanks for signing up! The common view is that simple systems gradually become more complicated over evolutionary time, and that it can be difficult for these complex systems to evolve further.

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But Professor Robson said he found something different. Professor Robson said a complex system is an intelligent and coordinated group behaviour that works only because the individuals that comprise the group are themselves very simple. Professor Robson said the data can be applied to all social systems, not just in the insect world. It also shows there are alternative pathways that can be used to get to the same end.

The evolutionary process has access to an almost unlimited tool kit of possibilities! Materials provided by James Cook University. Note: Content may be edited for style and length.

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Science News. Journal Reference : Simon K.

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Robson, Rudy J. Kohout, Andrew T. Beckenbach, Corrie S. Evolutionary transitions of complex labile traits: Silk weaving and arboreal nesting in Polyrhachis ants.

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