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  1. Hyosung Heavy Industries > Business Area > New Renewable Energy > Energy Storage System (ESS)
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Recently, the explosion at an Arizona Public Services APS facility solidified the urgency for standardized safety regulations for storage technology integration and monitoring.

Hyosung Heavy Industries > Business Area > New Renewable Energy > Energy Storage System (ESS)

While the industry is still waiting for the results of the investigation of the APS fire, the incident presents an opportunity to review best practices for safety in energy storage and lithium-ion batteries. It will be the first municipality in a dense urban area to examine, study, and determine how energy storage can be placed and used in a city. Industry leaders predict that these regulations will be highly influential on the market as a whole and provide insight into the direction of the industry over the next year or two. Hopefully, they will also guide how the industry will address some of the safety concerns that continue to challenge lithium-ion battery technology.

Should new technologies be required to meet more-stringent regulations, we may see additional safety-focused complementary technologies come to market.

Innovation in energy storage technology is continuing to saturate the market. Companies, such as Power Electronics and others, are innovating dual solar-inverter-plus-storage products, and Victron En ergy is expanding its solar charging offering. When it comes to battery technology, lithium-ion alternatives such as zinc technology are on the rise, especially in fire-sensitive areas where lithium-ion batteries are still seen as somewhat risky. Experts are also watching the NYFD regulations closely to see if the new guidelines will favor non-lithium technologies at the expense of lithium-ion batteries.

The outcome of these pending decisions and regulations will determine what type of energy storage technology will continue to proliferate in NYC and other dense metropolitan areas——lithium-ion or a new, alternative battery technology.

Energy storage

While battery technology innovation continues, new applications of alternative technologies are emerging in tandem. The U. From pv magazine USA.

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Energy storage is increasingly finding its place in the sun. As a technology it offers simply too many advantages and meets too many needs to be overlooked: it can be ramped up faster than a gas plant, it can stabilize voltage and frequency and it can carry electrons from solar generation to deliver power after dark. When the dramatic cost declines seen for lithium-ion batteries are factored in, the combination becomes unstoppable.

Regulators, utilities and state governments in the U.

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Add in the tax advantages of coupling energy storage with solar under the Investment Tax Credit ITC and the combination makes for the perfect storm for rival technologies. And that is just the beginning. That advance is being made possible by multiple factors including falling costs.

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While IHS Markit identified pending expiry of the ITC as the biggest single impetus for the coupling of solar and storage over the next four years, it will nevertheless be only a supporting factor and will not drive the need for the solar-storage combination. Instead, in states such as Hawaii and California that have an high deployment of solar, the supply of midday electricity is reaching saturation and there is a need for power during evening hours.

That is resulting not only in deflated returns on solar projects as midday power prices crash, but also in curtailment.

Adding batteries to a PV system directly addresses the problem, and the markets in such states are the farthest ahead in this respect. And it is not only California and Hawaii where solar-plus-storage projects are being built.

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InnoEnergy is encouraging solutions that: Provide large-scale storage to support integration of renewable energy sources into the transmission network. Provide small-scale energy storage to enable voltage control and power quality improvement at the distribution level. Provide building-level storage technologies that can increase self-consumption from local generation, reduce peak power, save on energy arbitrage and enable balancing services.

Energy Storage in Hydrogen : Does this beat batteries?

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