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  1. Mexico sends asylum seekers south — with no easy way to return for U.S. court dates
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  4. The musings of a Londoner, now living in Norfolk

The companies manage to operate a curfew for the residents, with our last bus from Dereham to here leaving before 5pm. So, no chance for a night out in the pub, a restaurant meal, or a trip to the cinema, returning by public transport. The local taxis are plentiful, but prohibitively expensive. As a consequence of this bus policy, we have to either drive everywhere, or stay in. Buses become an interesting, often startling sight locally, like a passing vintage car, or a traditional horse and cart; things you do not expect to see, and are pleasantly surprised when you do.

There is one destination seemingly well-served by the two local bus companies though. I regularly see buses, either on their way there, or returning at speed from there. It is a place I have never been, and vow to go to one of these days. I am sure it must be in Norfolk, but I cannot find it on any map, not even on Google. Perhaps you have been there, or passed through it, and can help me in this quest for the Shangri-La of the omnibus?

Mexico sends asylum seekers south — with no easy way to return for U.S. court dates

It is a fairly straightforward name, so its absence from maps is puzzling. I can only imagine it to be a wonderful place, so I am very keen to see it. Growing up, I remember how important it was to catch the last bus or train home and even then I often had to cycle for 6km before I was home because the bus line serving the side roads would run only until 5pm. It really makes one appreciate public transportation in a bigger city! Like Like. Funny, you should say that, Pete, because there seems to be a place round here with exactly the same name!

Flickr: Last Bus to Nowhere discussion topics

And the buses going there never stop when you stick your hand out. Ever since the age of eight, I wanted nothing more then to be an author. I would spend hours and hours creating stories and sharing them with my friends and family.

In my mid twenties I had two of my short stories published in three magazines. I was ecstatic, that I had finally broken into the industry. Well, time has a way of rushing by and I took time to get married, raise a child and have lots of animals and work two jobs.

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A lot of years have passed, but now, at last, I will be able to concentrate on my very first love, writing. About Publish Join Sign In. Readers Benefits of registering Where are my ebooks? Kristine Kathryn Rusch.

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The musings of a Londoner, now living in Norfolk

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